We started out with a foodstall in Jerudong Park, way back in 1996. Our goal was to promote tasty and budget-friendly Filipino food in Brunei. Bulalo, daing na bangus, kalderetang baka, pocherong manok, and tapsilog were (and still are!) popular items in the menu. And for dessert, you could have your pick of halo-halo, bibingka royale, suman, and other tasty traditional Pinoy treats.


HNB Cafe Jerudong 01 (Ren Yi's) Pic


Years of success in Jerudong convinced us to go for a bigger branch in Jalan Gadong. which we initially registered as ‘Siu Siang Restaurant’. We later renamed it ‘Ren-Yi’s Cafeteria’. Located at Bangunan Jaltifiah, Simpang 15, Jalan Gadong, it again promoted Filipino cuisine. You could pick a dish of your choice from the daily buffet offerings, or you could order something from the menu (which was getting bigger and better as we did our research and listened to feedback from our regulars). Planning our offerings months in advance, the quality and variety we had to offer kept our doors swinging.


Siu Siang Restaurant (Ren Yi's) Pic


On May 8, 2004, we moved to what is now our main branch, in Simpang 28, Jalan Gadong. And only 5 months later, we expanded, opening up a new outlet at the Wisma Setia Building in Bandar Seri Begawan.


With the future looking bright, it was at that point that we established a new operational ownership structure. What better way to reward the employees who’d helped grow our company than to effectively make them the owners of the business? Granted, it was also a clever way to keep them loyal and hardworking – you wouldn’t slack off on your appointed tasks if you knew that the thickness of your paycheck (and that of your own teammates) depended on how well the business was doing, after all.


Ren-Yi's Gadong Interior (Ren Yi's) Pic


Well, time passed, and although we eventually had to pack up our branch in the Wisma Setia Building, we now have outlets in Citis Square, Jaya Setia (also in Bandar) and in Jalan McKerron, Kuala Belait. We’ve weathered our share of storms, and right now business is good. You should see the place whenever we’re showing a live Manny Pacquiao fight on the big telly – it gets packed shoulder-to-shoulder with everybody cheering noisily! (^_^)


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