‘What’s Cooking?’ features both tried-and-true dishes as well as fresh new takes on classic Pinoy recipes. Give these recipes a go and surprise your loved ones! (^_^)


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Teaser PicRecipe
Coconut Chicken Adobo Icon (Ren Yi's) PicCoconut Chicken AdoboCoconut water and meat are added for a deliciously sweet, mellow flavor.Chicken10-07-2013
Crispy Catfish with Mixed Greens and Buro Dressing Icon  (Ren Yi's) PicCrispy Catfish with Mixed Greens and Buro DressingBuro is cooked rice fermented with salt and shrimps or fish. This Central Luzon delicacy is an acquired taste – sour, salty, and with a strong aroma.Fish10-07-2013
Crispy Lechon Liempo with Bagoong Sauce Icon (Ren Yi's) PicCrispy Lechon Liempo with Bagoong SauceTweak liempo by partnering it with sautéed shrimp paste, making it even more decadent.Pork10-07-2013
Lechong Kawali Kare-Kare Icon (Ren Yi's) PicLechong Kawali Kare-KarePut together two classic Pinoy dishes and you get the crispiness and juiciness of lechong kawali and the delectable nuttiness of kare-kare.Pork10-07-2013
Native Chicken Tinola with Flowering Pechay Icon (Ren Yi's) PicNative Chicken Tinola with Flowering PechayYou can use regular chicken but why not give free-range chicken a try? It delivers a more flavorful broth.Chicken10-07-2013
Peppery Spicy Beef Adobo Icon (Ren Yi's) PicPeppery Spicy Beef AdoboChef Gene Gonzales puts a blazing twist on adobo by using 3 different types of peppercorns.Beef10-07-2013
Prawns in Coconut Milk and Santol Icon (Ren Yi's) PicPrawns in Coconut Milk and SantolIn Bicol, ginataang santol is a common dish made with fried fish or dried dilis. Here’s a fancier version using prawns.Seafood10-07-2013
Sisig Carbonara Icon (Ren Yi's) PicSisig CarbonaraFilipinos are discovering more and more ways to enjoy this delicacy from Pampanga – from bar chow (pulutan) to go with beer, to appetizer, main dish, and now pasta topping.Noodles10-07-2013
Squid Adobo Balsamico Icon (Ren Yi's) PicSquid Adobo BalsamicoGive the adobo a Mediterranean flair by using balsamic vinegar instead of the usual white vinegar.Seafood10-07-2013
Wild Greens Salad Icon (Ren Yi's) PicWild Greens SaladPansit-pansitan (peperomia) and kulasiman (purslane) are not typically found in markets. They are wild plants that commonly grow in backyard gardens and even along city sidewalks. Most people don’t know that they are in fact edible.Vegetables10-07-2013


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